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Yoga challenges

The summer 60 day challenge is wrapping up at Bikram Yoga San Jose. This time I did not sign up to do the challenge. There was travel involved and the family clearly declared that there will be no room for doubles to compensate. I was still hoping that maybe some things will rearrange themselves with some divine providence and maybe a chance will open up to finish.

No such luck. It should have been 48/60. Did not even make that. 42/60 was the final class count. That was thanks to the eye infection that was picked up on the last trip. Have recovered the eyes nicely, but going to travel again. Just have to be conscious and not touch my eyes after touching any of the trays or windows on dirty planes. 

The only good thing was that my MIL was here the last two months and she came to yoga with me. It is always great to have a yoga buddy!

Thanks to my co-sister, MIL and me got a new T-shirt. She saw this in India and it was nice of her to send us these shirts. Love the shirt!

Challenge or not, my goal for the year is >200 classes.. Have 165 for the year and given my future travel schedule, will need to go every day when in town..

It is still a great feeling to cheer my yoga buddies and see them finish. Encouraging people to take this on and see them succeed is giving me as much happiness as finishing it myself. That also is progress in a way!


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