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Oakland zoo - Revisited

After a break of two years, we visited the Oakland Zoo today. We had a really great time!

Here are the teaser photos, taken with my new love, the Digital Rebel!

of birds and...

animals, or kids trying to be animals..

I promise you, this post is not like a Jackie Chan movie trailer where the best action sequences are completely shown in the trailer and you go watch the same sequences with filler material in the movie. Brings back memories of watching First night, first show in Alankar theater a few decades ago! Boy, I am growing old..shoo shoo, you bad thoughts.. Now back to the topic! You will see some more nice pictures when I upload them tomorrow!

Home made food, great company, nice weather, cooperating kids, time well spent! All said and done, it was a great day!



Little wishes - updated

The little one has hairy issues. Ever since her first haircut when she was a year old, her hair has not grown back fast enough, at least not to her expectations.

Poor thing keeps asking us to comb her hair, put rubberbands, braid etc. not realizing that there is a 3 inch minimum!

Grandma(originally attributed to mommy) did get this one with great difficulty, and we were all soooo glad! (In this house, we believe in giving credit where it is due!)

Just last week, I had caught the little one in a very thoughtful mood. Unfortunately, she takes after her dad for her looks. But she is 100% girl!! Wants to wear her "pattu paavadai", jewelry, bindi (dot on her forehead), pink slippers, basically the whole gazillion yards!

Maybe she was contemplating "Why is my hair not growing fast enough? Did I inherit that also from my deda?"



A quiet day - updated!

The week was so hectic that I decided to sleep for 11 hours last night. All those continuous sleeping contests in our college days came to mind. I was second runner up once at 18 hours! (This happened when a bunch of South Indians were left to spend a few weeks in Varanasi during the Ayodhya riots, but that story is for another day).

Decided to take the kids for a photoshoot and spend some time at the local park.

My best portrait shot of Jr. so far..

Waiting for them to come down!

Goosh, Goosh, Goosh.. (you know by now who said that!)

Plan to spend another quiet day tomorrow. In other news, grandpa is getting better! Thanks for all your wishes.

Here is a photo I took just after the first one..

This one is specially to answer the visitors questions. Notice how the single hair that streaks across her face and its shadow over her cheek? I rejected this photo for the blog although it was in better focus.

Sometimes cameras are smarter than we think. This one locks focus on a single point (somewhere near Jr.'s nose) and takes the shot. It also does a final focus adjust, prior to taking the shot, and herein lies the rub!



Taming the PhD high horse

The Visitor requested that I respond to this post, on taming the Indian PhD high horse.

Here is a demo from Jr. and the little one on how to tame the PhD high horse (or elephant) as the case may be!

This is the short answer. The long response will come later this week.

My grandfather, who is the most influential person in my life, is fighting it out in ICU in Chennai. Hope he can get up and see this photo, and bring back memories of how he used to carry me and my brother on his shoulders day after day!

Get well soon, Appa!



The number 12 nipple

Years ago, when San was pregnant with Jr., we had a baby shower at my work place for her. One of the gifts was an AVENT bottle set with a few bottles, nipples, cleaning stuff etc..

Glad that the feeding bottles were already given to us, and finding out that AVENT was the most common brandname that newbie parents used, we started using the set with great results. I used to admire the intricate design which would let air bubbles escape through the special lid, the fl oz markings etc. etc.

Trouble started when Jr. was four months old. She used to get extremely furstrated with the bottle. Being the astute observer and experimenter that I was, I concluded that there was definitely something wrong with the bottle or nipple and it was not Jr.'s fault. By then the nipple had become less transparent and we collectively agreed that we needed a new set.

We were promptly adviced by "the parents and relatives" gang on how they couldn't advice us on such problems because in those good old days the breast was the only bottle, etc. etc., this in spite of the fact that Jr. was an entirely breast milk bottle fed baby!

In hindsight, drinking from a breast vs. a bottle would probably be like driving an automatic vs. manual transmission vehicle! The breast probably adjusts flow to the demands of the baby and has some kind of psychic feed back loop between the mom and baby. I cannot prove this, but I am sure the many scientists who have devoted their entire lifetime to the breast, have studies that support my hypothesis! A bottle with a nipple, on the other hand is like driving on a single gear. Readers of this blog, must know by now, that there is always some study somewhere that supports my hypothesis!

So, imagine our surprise when we go to Toys'r'us and the guy asks me, "Which number AVENT nipple would you like to buy Sir?".

San and me looked at each other and went "What number?"

The guy gave us this look which could loosely be translated as "just because some body parts fit, people like this end up as parents! there has got to be a pre-parenthood IQ test".. anyways, I digress and you probably got the drift.

To top things off he showed us a #1 embossed on the side of the nipple. I had washed that thing a few million times without once realizing that there was a "1" on the side. Of course the nipple was 100% transparent and the "1" was 99% transparent and that fact would explain why! Nevertheless, we were branded in the eyes of that salesman and the other parents shopping in the feeding bottle aisle.

Having learnt our lesson, we walked back with some #2 and #4 nipples to prepare us for the days to come. We were also smart enough to start our second child, on #2 right away and went promptly to #4 in a few months.

Trouble has revisited us after three years. Jr. went from #4 straight to a sippy cup and would drink water, milk or anything liquid, through the sippy cup. The little one has somehow identified the "sippy cup" to be dedicated for water only. If we give her milk, she takes the first sip and promptly spits it out on the floor! After writing a little thesis on the impact of spat out milk on various flooring materials, I decided, enough was enough!

Took a #4, punched out a few extra holes with grandma's safety pin and we now behold, the #12 nipple! The holes are not exactly professional and we can see the little one is getting variable flow. We guess this by the way her eyebrows change as the nipple suddenly goes from trickle to flood in under six seconds. The surprise element is helping the otherwise bored child and daddy is considering a patent on the surprise nipple!

Tomorrow, we plan to buy a new #4 and put holes with a hot needle or search for a better solution. We also have promised Pillaiyaar Ummachchi a few rupees worth of Kalpooram if the little one takes to a the sippy cup soon!