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Sundar Narayanan's Travelog

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Of Jasmine flowers and Mike shoes

San Francisco

Hong Kong









Baby doing her business after a 15 hour flight in Hongkong amidst a beautiful backdrop!!

Fill up the blanks to be done by : Daddy Narayanan

Jr. enjoying Jasmine flowers..

Daddy's new Mike sandals. Purchased from a street corner vendor who probably sells more shoes and sandals than all the shoe stores in Santa Clara put together !! Price : 5$ !! Keebok, Adibas were available as well !!

Currently enjoying the land of Jasmine flowers and Mike Shoes..

Will catch up soon..

In other news, Jr. who has never killed an insect in her entire life (thanks to me teaching her that killing innocent spiders or ladybugs is wrong), came to me today and said
"that mosquito came to bite me again. I swished one guy away and I killed the other guy so he wont bite me again!". Two proverbs need a rewrite..

Hell hath no fury than a girl bitten!
Once bitten, twice:you die !


The Devil wears OSHKOSH

Most households have reported that their Devil wears Prada..That's when the Devil in the house is in the 25-40 age group..

Our Devil usually wears OSHKOSH..

Here's the little devil trying something different for a change..

We will post a photo when she wears Prada!!


One last video...

The trial period on the morphing software ends tonight..

So, one last morph trick before I wrap up. . .

I am glad you liked the previous morph videos.. I got emails that said it looks more like "sun TV opening credits", "Michael Jackson videos" etc..

No one said it looked like the Nijaam Pakku Ad (which I thought was a bad idea to morph faces that have nothing in common..)

Considering my little one is a girl, the resemblence is uncanny.. hope she will take after her mother for her looks as she grows up..

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