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Sari fun

We went on a cleaning spree this afternoon. The dust got to me.

Now that I am full of allergy tablets, nasal sprays and the like, there is a little energy left to post something!

While cleaning up, we found the readymade Sari that we used for Jr. a few years ago (thanks to Bombay Paati)!

We did not have this blog when Jr. tried on the same Sari (but I managed to chase down that picture)..

Here is Jr. in a Sari (photo from November 2004).

Needless to say, she was a pro at wearing it as well as posing for a photoshoot.

Here is the little one.

She was soooo thrilled !

Girls, as previously stated in this blog, will be girls!!

The young one is learning a thing or two about posing from her akka...



The little devil

What does it mean, when a married couple who have Tamizh and English as their default languages, are seen speaking in Hindi? This from a couple who were recently seen talking to each other in "Spell"!

If you do not know spell, here is an example.

Dad : Do I G-I-V-E her I-C-E C-R-E-A-M today ?
Mom : A L-I-T-T-L-E


Dad : have to G-O T-O O-F-F-I-C-E soon etc.

There are two reasons..

1. Jr. has now figured out the English language in its totality. She can speak, write and read! That means, she KNOWS spell. That also means she is privy to information that we try to keep from the little one when we talk in Spell and promptly goes and tells the little one. This makes it look like we are conspiring against baby and Jr. is her guardian angel!

2. The little one now understands Tamizh and English to a point where she can embarass us in public. Here is a conversation from our trip to the east coast over the last weekend:

Mom : enga pora ? (where are you going?)
Me : Bathroom (in hushed tone). Watch them for a few minutes.
When I come back towards the stroller...
Me : lets go
Little one : (with a big smile on her face on seeing me walk towards her)

Daddy? Pooh-pooh DONE ?

I have no idea how she heard or caught on to the fact that I was visiting the restroom. She announced the question, in a tone that would put the airport public address system to shame. Everyone in Terminals A through C would have looked up and thought "Good for you Daddy. But why tell everyone at the airport?", and continued on with their business.

Now the adults in the family only speak in Hindi.

We are also planning to enroll in Chinese classes starting next quarter at the local community college as a backup plan.


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