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Camping 2016- Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

We started the once a year Camping trip with the cousins four years ago?! Even the blog comes up with a sketchy timeline. 

The last camping trip to SugarLoaf was in 2013,  and in 2014 we went to Big Sur. Last year don't remember camping and this year we made it again to SugarLoaf. By now we knew the drill.. What to expect and how to prepare better. 

Given this is our first trip without the Sienna, we packed the Prius..

squeezed in everything we need and pitched the tents..

went for a great hike, but took a wrong turn with the two folks leading the hike (me and Anu) supporting each other's hypothesis that we were on the right track only to find out 2 miles later that we were going to end up on the other side of the freeway. Note to self : Always trust the sun, better than trusting your self! 

we got some beautiful views on the hike 

with the setting sun casting nice shadows

the waterfall had no water in it given it was almost fall when we went there.. 

we saw lizards, deer and one snake and that pretty much summed up the fauna sightings


we thoroughly enjoyed the camp fire in the cold September night

The kids had Sunday morning classes and we did a rush job of wrapping up the tents before the sun was out and were on our way back nice and early. Next year might bring us a two day camping trip.. who knows?!

We had been camping inside our own house for a good two months in summer, with nothing but plastic sheets to separate us from the elements. That was like training for the real camping trip.  Given the new routine with the kids growing up to practically adult sizes, we are definitely investing in some decent camping gear starting next year!

Until then... 


Spring is in the air

The little one made a spring hat at school. Ended up too small for her head. Guess Kindergarten engineering did not account for any shrinkage factors during the making of the paper hat.

It is really nice and colorful. She was reluctant to pose because it did not fit..

Now that hat gets to languish in the garage till its one year expiry date and then goes bye bye

The photograph on the other hand gets to be revisited every now and then.

We made it to our favorite hangout, the Natural bridges in Santa Cruz last week to let the kids play in the sand, watch the tide pool creatures and just get some sun. The water was still cold enough to make me stay off it.

Here are some photographs..

Break is over and the kids start school again tomorrow. The kids had to stay content with trips to Livermore and Santa Cruz, but they did enjoy the time spent at home with grandma and caught up on sleep. Lots of sleep.

The routine begins tomorrow!



Seacliff State Beach - Day trip

This afternoon we decided to go to Seacliff State Beach along Route 1.

The water was cold but just right and the afternoon sun and breeze were perfect!

We let the kids play in the wet sand while adults played Frisbee. Did the usual "norukku theeni" (eat savories) and then came back. There is a "concrete ship" that was built in the early 1900's when steel was in short supply in the US. The ship is in a very bad state and we are not allowed on it anymore. Only the pelicans have visiting rights (you can go till the ship on the pier).

It was a day well spent.

We will strongly recommend this beach for a half day or day trip.

ps. Parking is 10 bucks and they accept checks or cash only. Don't forget to take sunscreen!



Clear Lake Clears up a few things, and 2009!

The family headed out to Clearlake to close out 2009. Something we have all been waiting for, a hope that next year will be better than this one!

We were joined by the cousins as usual and this time we saw the kids have a real blast just being with each other. There were no fancy rides, no legoblocks and all they had was four adults who were just happy to be idling away and letting them just hang out and they made the most of the opportunity.

The idea was to just go somewhere and chill. Stay home (err, in a rented house or cottage), watch a few movies, eat some snacks, drink lots of tea, play board games till the wee hours of the morning (like we used to before the kids) and if possible catch some scenery (Clear lake State Park) on the way back.

Check, check, check, check, and check!

It was possibly the best year end trip we took. Thanks to bb, we also had the kids do a 500 piece puzzle and enjoy doing it.

Here are some pictures from the trip..

You go lie down on the bed and you get a view like this!

You walk out to the deck and you see the lake..

Was cold and chilly but by noon it was just perfect outside.

The little one wanted to touch the water at every opportunity and throw pebbles back into the lake

My posing princess wasn't in the mood for pictures throughout the trip, but for once she decided to make me happy

We did visit the state park on the way back (there was no one there at the park and we pretty much were alone in the park). We walked up the Indian Trail for 30 minutes and decided that it was time to head back..

This park is so tranquil and serene that it will probably get another visit in summer..

Finally, a stitch shot of the lake...

On the whole, we had a quiet two days away from phones and work and got a chance to clear our heads a little.

Here is to 2010, to many more visits to nice places, better health and more quality time with family and friends and lots of smiles!




As the group of ten made its way up from China Cove, we saw a couple cross us on the precarious stairs.

A minute ago, there was a lot of noise in that small space with three generations trying to communicate over the waves. Once we crossed over, the couple went and sat on that log.. and we caught them enjoy that moment, for a fleeting few seconds before we moved on.

Told San that someday when we feel that our nest is empty because our kids fly away, we will be that couple!

Now, if you are ever ever planning to go sit on that log or on that cove, or on any other coves along this most amazing coast, please...

Thank you!