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Size matters! when you are working on a new flame..

No, this post is not a guide to promiscuity! This is a family blog..which deviates a little too much into photography every now and then..

These days when someone jokes with me about my equipment working the immediate association of the brain is not to the equipment in ones pants but rather the equipment slung on ones shoulders. Guess the camera has become the "primo equipmento" in my life.. and that means if size matters anywhere, it should be the Photography equipments. All nice rationale, no?

That was a picture of all cameras I have owned since 2002 shot with the one other camera (iPhone 3GS) which is used for photos/videos in the house. It is clear that the size trend is going up and the iPhone photos are not that great in dark indoors.

It has been an interesting 24 hours of reading manuals, trying out things within the house (it has been raining outside all afternoon and is extremely windy).

So here is my new flame put to work on a flame. They have settings for white balance where you can set it to custom temperatures (K value where K is Kelvin)

The kids who have been on a TV marathon for hours with kids serials refused to pose. So took shots while they were on the couch.

Jr. made ridiculous faces throughout so her pictures are not here...

The weekend is almost over.. Cannot wait for the next one!



A milk droplet

Milk droplet hits water in bowl and rebounds up..

Shot with the 2.5f 50mm macro on tripod.

This is the first time trying this. Have seen it before a zillion times from National Geographic (when in middle school) to every strobe flash ad.

The experimentation begins..



Kid in a Canon store..

After the Disney trip and the realization from the wife that her hubby should get some pro photography gear...

We now are proud owners of a Canon 5D Mark ii

After watching the door for the Fedex truck for a long long seemingly endless time, it arrived today with the first L series lens and a Canon Speedlite flash to go with it.

All this was possible thanks to a friend who got us a great deal through Canon employee discount!

Just holding the camera after putting on the lens and flash gave me goosebumps. There is a lot to learn and a lot of fun to be had going through the learning, like how to get your ISO to be as low as 50 or as high as 25600 or how to shoot a HD video with a full frame sensor Camera!

Usually when this space gets a new Camera or lens update, there are the first sample photos. Today there is only a lot of emotion. The photos will come!




We were visiting close friends who recently relocated from our neighborhood to Irvine before our return from Disney. Saw this beautiful rose in their backyard and took out the macro lens..

we went back to the house and saw a small peacock with real fine detail. (the head of this peacock is smaller than a dime, the whole thing fits within the palm of your hand)..

Irvine was nice. The same $ seems to buy better things in Irvine than in the bay area. Did not see many desis or an international population mix though.. maybe it was the area we visited?!

Did not even know that having an international crowd is now part of a built in pre-requisite for us to live anywhere! Strange how the bay area changes you in ways you did not imagine!



Ikebana show - Wow!

Did not know much about Ikebana till today. Still don't, but at least got introduced to the concept at the Flower show at the local community center.

It was awesome!

The arrangements looked picture perfect to the point where Jr. and the little one kept asking "Are they real flowers or fake?" over and over again.

Are these real daddy?

how about these ones. are they real?

I learned something new today. My kids are uncomfortable around "perfection" or the notion of "perfection"..

Was taking pictures of the arrangements and the flowers in the arrangements and in the process learnt a lot about changing zoom lenses fast. Finally decided to do multiple rounds of the show...

with wide angle
with telephoto
with macro!

see results..

this one is with the sigma lens maxed out at 200mm taken at ISO 1600, f6.0, 1/60 sec.
Autofocus makes a big difference..

this one with the 50mm macro lens at ISO 1600, f5.6, 1/60 sec. The macro lens was on manual focus and it has a real small depth of field but where it focusses, it is unbelievably sharp and detailed. Should have taken a tripod with me and it would have been better..

The next bunch of pictures are taken with different lenses..

The bud and the flowers are either zoomed in or magnified with macro. You can see the image differences..

For those local readers, it is open tomorrow also. Definitely worth a visit.

A big thanks to the organizers and participants in the events for this visual treat.